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In the fast-paced world of fintech, it is crucial to have a reliable and accurate testing process to ensure the quality of the product before it is launched in the market. To be highly successful in the fintech industry, financial organizations must utilize the latest technologies to provide quality services to their users.

Our fintech services involve a comprehensive end-to-end testing process that can help a wide range of fintech companies, including startups and well-established financial institutions. Our fintech testing solutions come at a fraction of a cost, along with the utmost customizations, ensuring you get the service you want for your fintech project.

Benefits of Fintech Testing Services

The following are the benefits of fintech testing services that you can get:
1. Enhanced Security: Fintech software is among the primary targets of cyberattacks due to the involvement of highly confidential data. Protect your fintech software from such attacks by testing its security with a fintech testing service.
2. Better Reliability: Fintech testing service will help identify any potential bugs and issues within the application, resulting in a stable and reliable application for the users.
3. Regulatory Compliances: Complying with specific regulations helps fintech software provide better services and gain users’ trust. Fintech testing services help in meeting compliance requirements for minimizing regulatory risks.
4. Improved Performance: Fintech testing can eradicate bottlenecks in the software and optimize the program to ensure that it can handle the expected load, improving the overall performance.

Overcome Fintech Software Testing Challenges with FractionalQA℠​

Our experts offer various FinTech software testing services to help businesses assure the security of their transactions. Some of these services include:
1. Penetration Testing: The experts will try to penetrate the security layers of the fintech software to identify any underlying vulnerabilities that the attackers can exploit.
2. Security Assessment: Security assessment includes a comprehensive review of your fintech application’s architecture, storage, app logic, and network infrastructure to identify any risk, vulnerability, and compliance gaps within the software.
3. Threat Modeling: The goal of performing threat modeling is to identify common attack scenarios and their impact on the fintech application. Effective threat modeling can help in evaluating and preparing for potential security threats.
4. Vulnerability Scanning: With vulnerability scanning, your fintech application will be scanned using automated tools for any security weakness, such as weak passwords, unpatched programs, or misconfigured systems.
5. Security Audits: Security audits involve a comprehensive review of the security process of the fintech application to recognize security risks that can compromise the financial data and integrity of the software.
6. Code Review: A peer or senior will review specific parts of the code to check for any issue or mistake within the source code. Frequent code reviews will ensure that your fintech application has the minimum bugs and enhanced code quality.
7. Database Security: Database security uses several testing techniques, including encryption, auditing, and access control, to protect the data stored in the database from potential attacks.

Unique Fintech Testing Strategy for Flawless Software

Our Fintech testing plan integrates every critical step to ensure these applications are ready for use in the business world.
1. Understanding the Application:
Before moving forward to test the application, it is essential to understand the aspects of the fintech software. Our professionals will begin the process by understanding all about the software to create appropriate test cases.
2. Sandbox App Testing:
Sandbox app testing will be performed on your fintech software, where a testing environment similar to the production environment will be created to test the software before launching it to production.
3. Creating Test Cases:
Based on the understanding and assessment of our professionals, test cases will be created for your fintech software. These test cases will replicate several real-life scenarios to test specific features of your software.
4. Running Test with Real Data:
Once the application passes sandbox testing, it will be tested using real data. With this test, the performance, functionality, and security of your fintech application will be validated using real-world conditions.
5. Bug Reporting:
Every bug identified during any stage will be reported to the development team for quick fixes. After rectification, the same functionality of your fintech app will be tested to ensure issue elimination.

Why FractionalQA For Fintech Testing Services?

1. Comprehensive Testing:
From functional to security testing, our fintech testing service provides maximum test coverage so that every aspect of your app is tested appropriately.
2. Customizable Testing:
We offer flexible services to fulfil the specific needs of our clients. Whether you want to perform specific testing on your fintech application or end-to-end testing, you can get it all.
3. No Long-Term Commitments:
You do not have to stay bound to any testing contract with our services. With our pay-as-you-go model, you have to pay for the service you want and nothing more than that.
4. Timely Delivery:
Having the right approach and a deep understanding of your fintech application will allow us to deliver the service before the quoted timeline, giving you the leverage of faster delivery.

Ensure your fintech solution is fully tested and secure.

Our comprehensive end-to-end testing process ensures that your fintech solution is thoroughly evaluated for functionality, security, and performance. Trust us to help your startup or institution stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced field of fintech.

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