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Unbeatable and unparalleled quality assurance services at a fraction of the price. Our mission is to provide cost-effective quality assurance services to entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, and enterprises.

Unparalleled Defect Detection from a Reliable Software QA Services Provider

Our QA Services – FractionalQA

From identifying issues in software to fixing them quickly, FractionalQA℠ will allow you to deliver the highest quality software quickly. Try our QA services at no cost for 2 weeks (up to 10 hours a week, or 20 hours total).

Our QA services aim to help you identify, avoid, and fix issues in your software, and mobile apps. With this service, you will not only get a trusted partner for your software but as surety of using the latest tool and technologies for reliable testing to surpass your expectations.

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Types of QA Services Offered by FractionalQA

Depending on the service, our professionals will create a dedicated testing plan that meets your requirements.

  1. QA Consulting: The QA consulting service will help you eradicate any pitfalls in the QA process, ensuring a robust QA process for your software.
  2. Fintech Testing: Ensure the ultimate accuracy, security, privacy, performance, and reliability of your Fintech software with our Fintech testing service and maintain the high-quality standards required for such a complex program.
  3. Healthcare Domain Testing: Tackle all the challenges faced in a healthcare domain with healthcare domain testing and save the lives of millions with your healthcare software and domain.
  4. Cloud Testing: Avoid crashing down your cloud-based systems with cloud testing service where the software will be put under rigorous tests to ensure its optimal stability and performance.
  5. Independent Software Testing: Don’t let software bugs impact your business. Independent software testing prevents potential issues by finding and eradicating them before they leave an impact.

Why Choose Our QA Services?

  1. Lesser Testing Costs
    With our unique combination of manual and automated testing along with the skills of our professionals, your overall testing cost is reduced drastically.
  2. No Need to Take Stress of Hiring
    When you are working with our QA specialists, you do not need an in-house team. Our professionals will handle the QA and testing so that you can focus on other crucial aspects of your organization.
  3. Top Talent from Around the Globe
    Our team consists of QA professionals from various regions of the globe, having brilliant minds that can solve every complex problem.
  4. Flexible Pricing
    We have specially curated plans that can fulfill almost every software testing need, ensuring that you always have the flexibility to go with the plan that you find the most suitable.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring your success and helping you achieve your QA goals effectively. Get in touch with our professionals to mitigate risks, improve software quality, and customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition through professional QA services.

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