Healthcare Software Testing Services

The Healthcare industry is among the most prominent parts of everybody’s life, and we all rely on healthcare professionals, equipment, and software. Using software has made healthcare management more accessible, but custom-made software may come with bugs and issues that may cost someone their health.

Our healthcare software testing services offer a unique set of techniques and procedures to evaluate the quality of your healthcare software. Our software testing can make your healthcare software highly secure, reliable, and effective. Our services can help test a broad array of healthcare software, such as medical billing, telemedicine, and electronic health records, among others.

Benefits of Healthcare Software Testing Service

You can leverage the following benefits with our healthcare software testing service:

  1. Regulatory Compliance: Healthcare software should meet specific regulatory compliances, including the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). Healthcare software testing services can ensure the software meets regulatory compliance and avoid legal issues.
  2. Better Software Quality: Healthcare software testing can identify and fix bugs and issues in the software before they can hamper the functionality. With quick bug fixes, the software quality will enhance drastically.
  3. Secure Software: Prevent sensitive data of your healthcare software by identifying security vulnerabilities through healthcare software testing services.
  4. Reduced Costs: With this healthcare software testing service, you have to pay for the service you receive. You can have the flexibility to get the service for a few hours a week or the entire project, saving a significant amount.

FractionalQA Healthcare Software Testing and QA​

Healthcare software testing will make your program stable and free from any underlying issues before it is pushed to production. Our QA Experts will take all the measures to make your medical software help millions of lives, from your medical software functionality to meeting compliance standards. Here are our top healthcare software testing and QA services.

  1. Professional Healthcare Software Testing
    Having an in-house team is not only tedious but expensive as well. With our professionals by your side, you can get the best-in-class software testing and QA services as required. Whether you want QA services for 10 or 100 hours, you can get the best quality service for your healthcare software without full-time commitments.
  2. Healthcare Software Testing and QA Consulting
    Get a customized approach to improving your healthcare software with our healthcare testing and QA consulting service. Our professionals will evaluate your software, design a comprehensive plan per your needs, and perform various tests on the software for the right outcome.
  3. Healthcare Domain Testing
    Websites are the primary method to attain information on healthcare institutions. The patient is less likely to receive valuable information if the website is not performing adequately. With our healthcare domain testing service, your website will become stable and reliable so that your patients can visit your website without any hurdles.

Our Healthcare Software Testing Approach

  1. Planning: Before commencing the tests, our experts will analyze and understand your healthcare software requirement and create a robust plan. This involves identifying the software, defining the testing scope, and creating the entire testing plan.
  2. Designing: In this step, the professionals will create detailed test cases and scenarios to evaluate the software system. The created test cases will cover various aspects of the healthcare software, including performance, security, usability, and functionality.
  3. Executing the Plan: This step involves running the earlier created test cases to verify that the healthcare software works as anticipated. The professionals will record the results and create a detailed report.
  4. Defect Tracking: If any defects are found during the test execution, they will be reported to the development team, which will fix them.

Different QA Tests Performed by Our Healthcare Experts

We believe in providing comprehensive testing services. Below are the software testing types performed by our professionals on healthcare software.
1. Performance Testing: Performance testing ensures that the healthcare software performs well under various conditions. This testing type includes different tests, including load and stress testing.
2. Integration Testing: As your healthcare software will work with various other components, it is crucial to ensure that it integrates well with all of them. Integration testing is done on the healthcare software to make sure that multiple modules communicate and work with each other seamlessly.
3. Functionality Testing: Functionality testing includes monitoring all the functional elements of the healthcare software to determine that they work as intended. Furthermore, this testing also ensures that the healthcare software meets the organisation’s requirements.
4. Compliance Testing: Healthcare software must comply with specific regulatory compliances. Compliance testing helps verify whether the software meets the required compliances.
5. Usability Testing: Usability testing is performed on healthcare software to determine how easy and intuitive the software is to use. For instance, this testing will test how easy it is to enter and retrieve data, the complexity level of navigating within the software, and how complex it is to perform everyday actions in healthcare software.
6. Compatibility Testing: With compatibility testing, your healthcare software will be tested to verify its compatibility with different platforms, browsers, network environments, and operating systems.

More Reasons to Hire FractionalQA℠ as Your Healthcare Testing Provider

  1. Experience and Expertise: With the perfect blend of experience and expertise of skilled software testers, we ensure your healthcare software is thoroughly tested and meets the necessary compliance requirements.
  2. Customized Testing: There is no need to stay rigid in healthcare software testing. Our professionals offer the maximum customization in software testing services. Whether you want the service for specific testing or limited hours, you can get it all.
  3. End-to-End Testing: Our testing process involves every phase necessary for optimum testing, ensuring that you get comprehensive coverage for your healthcare software.
  4. On-Time, Every Time: Say goodbye to delayed software releases due to improper testing. Following the dedicated plan, we always deliver the outcome before the stipulated time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Healthcare Software Testing pivotal?

Healthcare software testing is crucial as it ensures that the software used in a healthcare institution is reliable, functional, and meets the required compliances. With proper testing, the software can offer lesser errors, better patient care, and improvement in overall efficiency.

How much does a healthcare software testing service cost?

The cost of healthcare software testing varies depending on various factors, such as the scope of testing, testing methods utilized, and your specific requirements. You can connect with one of our professionals for an accurate quote.

How can I save from Healthcare Software Testing?

Our healthcare software testing follows a pay-as-you-go model where you only have to pay for the services that you use. Moreover, you can prefer a limited-hours package that fulfils your requirements, saving a lot of testing budget.

What is the expected outcome of a healthcare software testing service?

Once the healthcare software testing is complete, the software will become bug-free, making it stable and reliable. Furthermore, it will meet the necessary compliances, making it suitable for healthcare institutions.

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