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Independent software testing is when the entire testing process is performed and managed by a third-party organization. Having an independent team for software testing ensures that the testing is done properly and eradicates the possibility of author bias. The end result is always more stable and bug-free software.

With our independent software testing service, you can be assured that your software will be tested comprehensively to ensure maximum stability and customer satisfaction. Moreover, you can customize the service as per your software’s requirements, giving you the flexibility to move forward at your pace.

Benefits of Independent Software Testing Services

1. Unbiased Opinion: In an independent software testing service, the testing team is not part of the development process. This eradicates the issue of author bias, ensuring an unbiased evaluation of the software code.
2. Quick Turnaround Time: A dedicated software testing team can complete the process quickly and efficiently to address any issue. The faster the issues are addressed, the lesser time to market the software will take.
3. Better Quality Software: Even though several organizations try to minimize issues by following the right development practices, some issues may still exist. Independent software testing can eliminate all such issues, leading to better-quality software.
4. Reduced Risk: One of the biggest risks in software development is software failure, and independent software testing reduces this risk by making the software stable and bug-free. Additionally, it can minimize the risk of security breaches as well.

Types of Independent Software Testing Services by FractionalQA

1. Application Testing: Application testing will help you in evaluating the usability, performance, functionality, and security of your software. Our QA professionals will perform effective application testing and follow the best testing process through tools, scripts, and automation frameworks to attain the right results
2. Performance Testing: Performance testing will help you analyze your application’s stability and responsiveness under a specific workload. Several tests will be performed on your software and recommendations will be provided to enhance the existing performance.
3. Test Automation: Enhance the development cycle of your software and make testing easier with the test automation service. This service aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the testing process by minimizing manual efforts. It involves the usage of specialized tools and frameworks to automate test execution, reducing the possibility of human errors.
4. Security Testing: The motive of security testing is to identify hidden vulnerabilities in the software to ensure it is safe and secure for its users and their data. Security testing includes testing the software for data confidentiality, access control, error handling, authentication, and authorization.
5. Usability Testing: Usability testing is the process of monitoring the user interface and user experience of the software to make sure that it remains easy to use and satisfactory for the users. Here, the independent software testers may conduct surveys and attain feedback to create a detailed report on usability.
6. Accessibility Testing: Ensure that your software is usable for as many people as possible with accessibility testing. In this testing, the software’s accessibility to users with visual, hearing, and mobility disabilities will be tested. Testers will use specialized tools and technologies to stimulate the user experience with disability to test the software.
7. Software Testing Consulting: Gain the expertise and guidance of professionals with our software testing consulting service. You can utilize this service to optimize your existing test strategy or to build a complete strategy from scratch for your software. In addition to guidance, you will also get access to specialized tools, and methodologies to improve your software.
8. API Testing: API testing is done on an application to verify the reliability, functionality, and performance of the API. With this testing, you will get to know how well your software integrates with third-party applications.
9. Mobile Apps Testing: Provide a seamless experience to your mobile device users with mobile app testing service. Various tests will be performed on the mobile application based on its type and operating system to make sure that it remains bug-free and meets the required standards.
10. CI/CD Consulting: Streamline your software development and testing process with CI/CD testing. The goal of this service is to minimize the time and effort necessary for software development and testing without compromising the code quality.
11. Cloud Testing: Cloud testing service will allow you to test your software deployed on cloud infrastructure and ensure that these apps are reliable and performant. Testing such applications also makes them highly secure and capable of handling massive loads.
12. Big Data Testing: Big data testing is the process of testing large data sets for their accuracy, consistency, and completeness. Moreover, big data applications will be tested for any anomalies in data including duplicates, or missing data.
13. SaaS Testing: SaaS testing is performed on apps based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model to ensure they are functioning as expected. Our SaaS testing service is performed by experienced professionals that quickly ensure accurate results, utmost security, and test data integration with various APIs.
14. Salesforce Testing: Optimize your Salesforce CRM system per your business needs and ensure the utmost customer experience with Salesforce testing service. This service will provide you with a tailored Salesforce testing strategy, and risk-based testing to minimize business risk, among other benefits.

FractionalQA℠ Independent Software Testing Process

We follow a systematic approach to the software testing process to ensure that we deliver the best service.
1. Understanding the Requirements-
The foremost step in an independent software testing service is to understand your requirements to deliver a tailored service. In this step, the professionals will understand the various components of the software to have a clear idea before testing.
2. Creating a Plan-
Once the professionals gain a clear understanding of your requirements, they begin creating a robust testing plan. Evaluating the software for vulnerabilities, shortlisting various testing tools, and developing a testing roadmap are crucial elements of the testing plan creation process.
3. Executing the Plan-
Based on the created tested plan, our professionals will commence taking steps toward its execution. By following the tailored approach for your software, the experts will identify underlying issues within the software code.
4. Reporting-
Upon successful execution, our team will evaluate the test results to create a detailed report on the issues identified. Not only that, but you can also get expert recommendations to fix the issues quickly.

Why Choose Our Independent Software Testing Services?

  • Continuous Support:You can rely on our independent software testing services to help you with any issue related to software testing services whenever you want. Our professionals will always cater to your needs around the clock.
  • Data Security:
    When you work with us, you never have to worry about your data security. We take special measures and have all the major data security certifications and compliances to keep your data secure always.
  • Flexibility:
    You have the utmost control over what testing services you want for your software including the testing hours. Choose from any of the packages and pay only for the service that you truly utilize.
  • Clear Communication:
    By maintaining clear and frequent communication with clients throughout the process, we always try to eradicate any issue due to the communication gap. Our professionals provide constant updates on the testing process, keeping the clients informed about any defects.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Independent software testing is the process of performing several types of tests on a software application, both during development and after release as part of sustaining engineering. However, these tests should not be performed by an in-house team or a team related to the product development team. In other words, software testing performed by third-party software or an independent team of testers is considered independent software testing.

Independent software testing includes a set of different tests performed on software. The different types of testing performed here are:

  • Acceptance testing.
  • Regression testing.
  • Performance testing.
  • Load testing.
  • Stress testing.
  • SaaS testing.
  • Dominant testing.
  • Accessibility testing.
  • Compatibility testing.

Having an additional team working on software testing has proven to be highly effective in initially identifying bugs and issues. When it comes to the importance of independent software testing for an organization, the most significant factor is third-party assurance. That is, when you get this service from a reliable provider, you will have an assurance that your software will be tested thoroughly and all the issues will be resolved before its delivery.

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